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After having worked within the industry for 33 years Dwayne felt there was a place for a company that was truly bespoke and in 2002 Dwayne Edwards Ltd was born. Dwayne’s philosophy was for a high quality, ethical, local company that provided a truly individual service to its clients. The only thing that’s changed over the years is the size of the workshop!

We don’t force you to choose between specific design types, handle styles, materials or colours. You tell us what you want. We then discuss the practicalities of your ideas and from our experience and your choices we design the perfect living space for you.

A complete project management service is available where we use our own team of contract builders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, tilers, stonemasons and painters should you require them. These are contractors who we have worked with for years and they are fully aware of our companies service and quality platinum standard.

If you have your own team of tradesman at the ready we are more than happy to work with them at the high level of professionalism you would expect from ourselves, and provide our furniture with installation only.


Discarded wood is used to heat our workshops through the colder months; excess is sent to recycling depots. We buy all our timber from ethically sourced suppliers. Even the stationery used in our office is made from recycled materials.

Local company means local staff, means lower fuel emissions, means a speedy prompt after service should you require it! Real wood can move over time and should you require us to service furniture, a local fitter will be scheduled in promptly.


We strongly believe in supporting the local community that supports us.

NOAH is a Luton based charity offering support and services to those struggling against homelessness and exclusion. During the autumn and winter months, our Harpenden showroom is used as a donation point for NOAH. A lot of our clients and the Harpenden community join us in this campaign.

Not only are we a local company providing local jobs to local people but this is where we live, this is where our children are growing up, our family still live locally and our friends are all within a stones throw of our workshops. We endeavour to support other local business in both our business and private lives.